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How we'll work together

Whether it’s your upcoming nuptials, the passing of a loved one, or a special celebration that you have in mind, we can work together on the perfect ceremony for both you and your family.


This can be a stressful time and working through the process may seem a little scary.

I’ll be here to guide you and offer advice. Here’s a breakdown to give you an idea

of how we’ll get there.


Let's start with a chat

It’s important that I get to know who the ceremony is for. I will make the time to meet with you and discuss your plans and thoughts around the occasion. If you’re local to Kerikeri, or coming up for a visit, I’m happy to meet you in person. I'm just as comfortable having our first meeting over the phone or video call. Either way, it’s great to get a sense of what you’re thinking and discuss important notes like dates and the venue.


If you’re getting married, I’ll also talk you through the steps of how you apply for your wedding licence; when you need to do this to ensure you have it for your wedding date; costs that will be involved, and other requirements, like witnesses.


Let's make a plan

From here we can start to plan your ceremony. No two couples or celebration are the same, so once I’ve heard your stories and got to know you, I will craft a bespoke script for you. If you’re wanting something specific, like including someone special in your ceremony or a reading that has special significance, we

will make sure these important details are noted. And if you’re unsure about anything, I’m happy to offer my help.


Getting it perfect

The lead up to the big day can be stressful, so I want to help alleviate that where possible. After drafting your ceremony, I’ll be sure to get your approval. I am always happy to make any tweaks, so that the build up period can hopefully be a little less stressful. Whether it's a wedding day or funeral service, I want this process to be easy and relaxed. So, if there’s something that you don’t think fits, or you want to change the order, or even add something, just let me know. This occasion is especially for you and I want it to be everything that you have hoped for. With so much going on, you might not feel the need for a rehearsal, but if you do, I will ensure that I’m available for this, at the venue, the day before your event.


Your special day

Whether it’s a celebration of your love or of a life, it’s going to be a big day. I like to arrive around 45 mins before the service, just to see how everything’s coming together and get myself set up. As a part of my service, I will provide you with a printed copy of the ceremony, and I will be on hand to ensure we have all the correct documentation ready to be signed (including a working pen). 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

or are interested in using me for an upcoming ceremony or event.

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